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I can't tell you how excited I was when I heard about CRAFT for World Market. It's really an amazing concept! World Market (a fav of mine for finding unique items for the home for amazing prices) recently launched their CRAFT concept which brings unique, intricately made handcrafted goods by having the customer pre-order the item and only committing to shipping the item AFTER it is made by the artisan. In some cases up to 8 months! When I heard about this I thought, "genius!". What I love so much about this concept is that a big box retailer is trying to find a way to work with artisans that will work within the limitations that you bump into while working with artisans. As I know from person experience, orders that are often promised to you within a certain time frame are often delayed for various reasons. Also, finding the correct resources can sometimes be difficult in the remote areas these artisans often live and you can often overcome this hurtle by buying huge quantities of zippers or leather or whatever necessary material it is you're looking for but then you are faced with investing in this without a guarantee that the product will be bought. If you take pre-orders up front you are only investing in enough to fulfill orders already placed. And the best part? They come up with a new selection of products every month! Uh oh, I'm in trouble. Keep up the good work, World Market!

Some of my favs from this month:

May or may not have pre-ordered this beauty....


Seriously want to pre-order this gorgeous bench!


And love this felt rug, so organic and natural...

Alissa Thompson

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